“A simple “thank you” is not enough to say to a person who was able to help my husband and I when we didn’t know where to turn. We were past the point of finding a therapist that we would meet with once a week to help us with our issues. We needed to do something radical, something drastic – something that we both had to make a commitment to. With 18 years of marriage, 2 teenage children, the stress of work and family commitments and the lack of personal intimacy was taking a toll on our marriage. We still loved each other, but we didn’t know how to communicate effectively and it was destroying our relationship.Dr. Patty Ann was giving a talk to a women’s group in my town and I told my husband I was going to hear her speak. I researched Dr. Patty Ann before her talk on the internet and read all the information she had on her website. I related to many of the topics she noted on her website and knew we could use her help. After her talk, I felt confident that she was the one that was going to help my husband and I get our marriage, intimacy and love for each other back. After her talk I introduced myself to Dr. Patty Ann and broke down crying – we had been struggling for years and it truly was a relief to know that help was on its way.

We were desperate for some resolution and help and scheduled a weekend session with Dr. Patty Ann. This weekend was about my husband and I getting back to our loving ways towards each other (it had been years since we shared a desire for one another). This weekend was a life changing experience – worth every penny!!! Dr. Patty Ann has a direct and warm approach in getting to know both of you and how you relate to each other. She has an uncanny ability to get to heart of the matter (for both parties) and deal with the issues at hand. She’s honest, forward, blunt and kind – she will not waste your time, or hers! She has the “tools” to get your relationship back to the place you want it to be.

This was not an easy thing to do – it’s hard to admit that any of us have problems, and then to have to deal with the problems, ugh!!! However, this was the best time and money we’ve spent in a long time. My husband and I have a caring and loving relationship. We are communicating with each other openly and honestly and making time for intimacy – time for us that’s special.”

R & G
Boston, MA


“It was such a pleasure to have Dr. Patty Ann speak with our clients today on our teleseminar! My colleagues and I work with parents who have children diagnosed with autism and other developmental disorders, and healthy relationships are so important for these parents. Dr. Patty Ann spoke from the heart and gave our clients practical insights and strategies to begin improving their relationships right away. We received excellent feedback from those who attended the call, including one parent who said that the information Dr. Patty Ann shared was exactly what she and her husband needed to hear at that moment. I proudly recommend Dr. Patty Ann’s products and services to clients, and highly recommend her to people interested in improving their relationship with their spouse or significant other.”

Nicole Beurkens, M.Ed.
Clinical Director
Horizons Developmental Remediation Center
(616) 698-0306


“We just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. My husband and I have been together for 7 years, spent the past 4 years in constant turmoil, and the past 2 years with 3 different marriage counselors. We have spent literally thousands of dollars trying to get a grip on our relationship, only to watch it continue on a faster downward spiral.

I found your information on the internet after a tremendous argument during which he and I both agreed that it was over and we were wasting our time. I have been married twice and he has been married 3 times, so failed relationships are nothing new to us. Somehow, practice doesn’t make it easier.

You were able to accomplish with your powerful product what 3 marriage counselors failed to do in 2 years. Your tools for creating a mindset for a healthy happy relationship and secrets on what it means to be in a committed relationship, along with helping us taking personal responsibility for our relationship made us realize that maybe it wasn’t ALL “their” fault after all. Your straight-forward, practical, no nonsense, but gentle approach in the tele-conferences lit the path to a recovery we didn’t think was possible.

There is no way that we can begin to express to you all that you have done for us, so we will only tell you “thank you”. We will continue to tell friends and family in relationship trouble about your programs.

Thank you so very much for your insight and advice. Without your help and Dr. Patty Ann’s Relationship Toolbox – Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship – I would have never been able to become the wife my husband deserves. You guided and taught me to be the best I can be. Without you I would have never been able to bring my husband back to our marriage and our family. You changed what I thought was an irreversible choice. He decided to come back into our relationship and put our family together again because of Dr. Patty Ann’s Relationship Toolbox – Rekindle Romance and Happiness into Your Relationship. With this new choice, my life has been forever changed!!

You have a unique calling for saving relationships. Thanks again.”

Sheila P.


“My boyfriend and I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing what you do. We have been living together for 7 years and spent the past 4 years fighting and in constant turmoil. The past 2 years we sought help with 3 different professional counselors and relationship experts. We have spent literally thousands of dollars trying to get a grip on our relationship, yet we have only watched it plummet faster and get worse. We were both ready on the verge of walking away from each other and the relationship.

Fortunately, I found your website,, after we had another huge fight – when we both realized the relationship was finally over and we were wasting our time trying to make it better or seek help. We had both been in failed relationships before so we knew all of the signs. Failed relationships were nothing new to us. Our relationship was just going to be another casualty.

Your product, Dr. Patty Ann’s Relationship Toolbox – Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship was able to accomplish what 3 professional counselors and previous relationship experts failed to do in 2 years. Your different chapters helped us realize that maybe it wasn’t ALL my partners fault after all, and your comprehensive, proven-strategies for creating a mindset for the relationship we wanted paved the road for a path to recovery that we didn’t think was possible.

There is no way that we can begin to express to you all that you have done for us, so we will only tell you “thank you”. We will continue to tell friends and family in relationship trouble about your relationship laser coaching programs and your Relationship Toolbox – Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship – which literally saved our relationship and transformed our life.”

Jack & Gail L.


“There are so many wonderful things I could say about Dr. Patty Ann – but the most important thing for anyone to know is that she will help you understand so much more about why you are where you are, why you are doing the things you’re doing, and how you can make things better for your life and the people around you.

I have walked into her office completely twisted in knots about something – my kids, my ex-husband, my family, my boyfriend, my coworkers…only to have her point out one thing – give me one line that will resonate with me for a week – and shed light not only on the situation that was upsetting me – but other things that creep up in my life.

Dr. Patty Ann has helped my relationships- and continues to do so-and I can’t thank her enough.

One of the truest testaments to that is I was recommended to her by 2 people she had profound effects on and I have recommended her services to multiple people who currently use her services. That’s a tribute to the effect she has on people’s lives.

Dr. Patty Ann’s approach fits so many people – you immediately feel comfortable and at ease with her. I consider myself lucky to have her.”




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