Conflict Resolution Advice for Your Relationship and Your Business

Posted on 28. Jul, 2011 by in Conflict Resolution

Conflict in our relationships cannot be created in a vacuum. At least two people are responsible for it when it enters our lives. Regardless of whether you “started” the conflict or fight, or you are allowing it to “perpetuate”, you have some personal responsibility for its presence in your relationship. Taking personal responsibility is conflict resolution skill #3 needed to resolve conflict in your marriage or your business. If you want, you can choose to act childish and immature and refuse to take any personal responsibility for the conflict that exists within your relationship. If you do this however, you are putting the romance and intimacy, and your very relationship itself, at risk. As I mentioned in the article: “5 Conflict Resolution Skills to end Fireworks for Women and Business”, there is no such thing as a one-handed clap. Therefore both partners are responsible for its creation and resolution.

Many times conflict can only be resolved when we take personal responsibility. Since we cannot change anyone’s behavior but our own, changing our behavior and/or attitude is often the best way to resolve conflict in our relationships. Although it might be difficult to realize and accept, many times it is our attitude and behavior that is at the heart of conflict in our marriage. Sometimes we are totally unreasonable, rigid, unyielding or unrelenting about a position within our marriage which is creating the conflict. When this happens, it is impossible to come to any healthy conflict resolution. If we refuse to see the unreasonableness within a certain conflict while stubbornly refusing to give ground, the conflict cannot be resolved. It would be helpful to remember that there will be times when you want your spouse to admit their responsibility for conflict in your marriage and you will increase your chances ten-fold of getting your spouse to admit this if you have been willing to do this, yourself, at times. Remember, action speaks louder than words – lead by example, even within your marriage.

Once your marriage has a history of resolving conflicts in a healthy productive way (that means not leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake – lol!) your relationship with your partner will grow deeper and more meaningful. Why? Because the next time a conflict surfaces, you will be confident in the knowledge that you and your spouse have been down this road before, and have reached a successful resolution while coming out of the conflict with a deeper connection and understanding of each other.

Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann

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8 Responses to “Conflict Resolution Advice for Your Relationship and Your Business”

  1. Jardin Smith

    29. Jul, 2011

    Hi Dr Patty,

    I agreed with you on this golden phrase…
    “Many times conflict can only be resolved when we take personal responsibility”

    Most of the times, conflicting parties are also blaming the other parties for not doing this and that. And this cycle will never end til both party self initiate his own responsibilties that has caused the conflict.

    World will be of so much peace if one can enlighten and learn this simple theory.
    Jardin Smith´s last blog post ..Review On Investing in UK land – Jardin Smith International

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  2. Dr.Patty Ann

    29. Jul, 2011

    Hi Jadin,
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I couldn’t agree with you more, yes, the world would be a better place if we would all take personal responsibility for the conflict in our lives.
    Dr.Patty Ann
    Dr.Patty Ann´s last blog post ..Conflict Resolution Skill #2 for Women and Business

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  3. ella

    09. Aug, 2011

    “Many times conflict can only be resolved when we take personal responsibility.” I agree with that sentence 100% It’s so true, personal responsibility and accountability for our actions open the doors to new possibilities and enable us to do things we didn’t think were possible a minute before taking responsibility.
    ella´s last blog post ..Simple Animation Software – tips and guidelines

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  4. Anna

    11. Aug, 2011

    Hi Patty- really interesting post you got here. no dout that our attitude and behavior are the heart of conflict in our marriage. and that’s why we need to be aware to this elements.
    Anna´s last blog post ..How to attract the right man

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  5. Dr.Patty Ann

    11. Aug, 2011

    Hi Ella,
    Thanks for your comments. It is amazing to see how our relationships are positively impacted when we take personal responsibility – and how nothing can ever get resolved when we constantly place blame on our partner.
    Glad to have you as a member of my ever-growing community. Looking forward to future comments from you!

    Dr. Patty Ann
    Dr.Patty Ann´s last blog post ..Conflict Resolution Skill #4 for Entrepreneurs, Women and Business

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  6. Dr. Patty Ann

    11. Aug, 2011

    Hi Anna,
    Really appreciate your comments. The truth is the only attitude and behavior we can really ever change is our own !
    Keep the comments coming!

    Dr. Patty Ann
    Dr. Patty Ann´s last blog post ..Conflict Resolution Skill #4 for Entrepreneurs, Women and Business

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