Tiki Barber – Another Story of Infidelity

Posted on 09. Apr, 2010 by in Celebrity Relationships, Surviving Infidelity

Another star athlete and another story of infidelity. But this story really riles me up.

The New York Post reported that Tiki Barber, former New York Giants football star – now working as a news correspondent for the “Today” show, left his wife Ginny Cha for Traci Lynn Johnson, a 23 year old whom he met while she was working as an intern for NBC. Tiki Barber and Ginny Cha were married for 11 years and have 2 sons.

But here is the part that really gets me riled up. Tiki’s wife, Ginny Cha is 8 months pregnant with twins!!!!!

Now I have to come clean here and share some personal information. My husband and I have 4 children – the first two being a set of identical twin boys. When I was pregnant with my twins I felt so unattractive and overwhelmed. I had morning sickness, which lasted morning, noon and night, for the entire first trimester and then I went into premature labor and was hospitalized. I had never before, or since, felt so vulnerable and downright ugly. And I had never been in so much need of emotional support from my husband!

Lucky for me, my husband provided me with unconditional love and support during these trying times. It would have been so easy for him to have hooked up with the young hotties in his office too. But he chose, instead, to act like a man and support the mother of his children. And believe me, it wasn’t easy. At times he would bathe me and wash my hair, and the hormonal roller coaster ride was no walk in the park to be around either! And words cannot describe how much love I felt from him during these moments.

So I ask you: “What kind of man leaves his pregnant wife for another woman? Poor poor Tiki, I am sure your wife was not giving you the “love” and attention you wanted because she has been preoccupied the past 8 months carrying the twin children you conceived together!!! I know – you felt so underappreciated. Oh, give me a break. You are a dog!!

For all those times you publicly decried your father’s behavior when he abandoned your mother and family – deal with the facts – you are acting just like him. You are abandoning your wife – your 2 sons and your unborn twin children – like father – like son!!

Way to go Tiki! You join the long list of famous athletes who are sending a loud and clear message to the youth of America on how NOT to act like a man and on how NOT to act like a father. You are a pathetic!

Remember one thing – what goes around comes around!! Good luck to you!

Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann


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14 Responses to “Tiki Barber – Another Story of Infidelity”

  1. Kiyla Fenell

    12. Apr, 2010

    Seriously? Some men have it all, but I guess that is not enough. It makes me sad to think that these guys don’t have enough respect to honor the commitments they have made to their wives and children. Disgusting, revolting and downright dirty!

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  2. Sue Painter

    14. Apr, 2010

    Sock it to him, Patty Ann! I can only imagine what his wife is feeling right now. Ick!

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  3. Linda P. Jones

    14. Apr, 2010

    Patty Ann,
    I love your passion about this and I totally agree with you! What a selfish dog he is! And…what a sweetie and good husband Mitch is to you! 😉

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  4. Dr. Patty Ann

    14. Apr, 2010

    Dear Kiyla,

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is amazing that some people can have it all – and it still isn’t enought!! Both his wife and his children deserve so much better. He should google the definition of “the qualities of a man” – and maybe he could learn a thing or two!
    Dr. Patty Ann

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  5. Dr. Patty Ann

    14. Apr, 2010

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for your post. I hope his soon to be ex-wife has her boxing gloves on now.
    You know what they say: “Wrath has no fury like a scorned woman”.
    Watch out Tiki!

    Dr. Patty Ann

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  6. Dr. Patty Ann

    14. Apr, 2010

    Hi LInda,

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, TIke is a doy; but hey, dont get the wrong impression. Mitch might be a sweetie but I make is so easy because I am so lovable!!! LOL!!

    Dr. Patty Ann

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  7. Phil Dyer

    27. Apr, 2010

    Relationships can be tough…but when is enough enough? So many of these public figures behave so badly…

    Kind of depressing sometimes!


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    • Dr. Patty Ann

      28. Apr, 2010

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for your honest comments. And yes, I agree, relationships can be tough. All relationships go through tough patches – let’s be real here – but these public figures have taken dysfunctional behavior in their relationships to a whole new level. It is depressing and disappointing. For such a tough football guy, Tiki is a wimp of a man.

      Dr. Patty Ann

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  8. Dava Kreider

    18. Jun, 2010

    I’m the other woman and I was sleeping with a married man that had a three year old daughter and pregnant wife at home. He left the wife for me. I won the game.-Dava Kreider, Lititz PA

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  9. Crystal

    09. Mar, 2011

    Wow Dava. I heard this at a competition and figured it was true, but to brag about it. Can you even imagine what pain you caused his wife and what about his child? Two married people like you two deserve each other and all the pain you caused his poor family will haunt both of you. What about your husband? What will your kids think if you when they realize that rumors are true? All I can say is that karma is a bitch and you sure have a large dose headed your way. I can’t believe this mans wife didn’t deck you that day. You deserve it. She must be one he’ll of a classy woman to not give into your trashy ways.

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  10. Dr.Patty Ann

    10. Mar, 2011

    Hi Crystal,
    Thanks so much for your passionate comment. The latest news is Tiki is coming out of retirement to play football again – gee, maybe the divorce settlement dealt him a stiff uppercut to his pocketbook!

    Dr. Patty Ann

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